Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Pokemon Cross Stitch

I started a project in the spring, a gargantuan cross stitch of all 151 original Pokemon from the Red, Blue, and Yellow games.  Previously, the biggest project I had undertaken had 4 pages of directions, and heaven knows I whined about that enough.

This one has 30 pages.

It's huge enough that it even has a support group of sorts for people who are crazy enough to attempt it, which you can see here:

Out of 151 pokemon, I'm currently on #84, working backwards from #151.  So I'm less than halfway done in terms of Pokemon completed, but I think I'm about halfway if you go by surface area covered.

I also switched it up a bit.  I changed the background color from a light sky blue to a bubblegum pink because if I'm the one to spend all this time on the project, I can do what I please with it!  But unfortunately, I decided that I didn't like the first pink that I chose, so I'm ripping it out to replace it with a lighter pink; for now, the area up near the top that should be done is still a big, incomplete mess.

I've found out from all this experience that I get excited when I get to use different colors.  I like stitching purples, blues, greens, whites, and pinks.  I dislike stitching browns (and there are so many!), yellows, reds and oranges.  I'm indifferent about black.

In order not to have 75 more posts about this project, I think I'll just make a pokemon post each month where I'll post updates as they happen.  That way, everyone can look at it if they're interested, or just skip right on by if the thought of embroidery or children's video games makes them yawn.

Without further ado, here are my recent accomplishments!

Farfetch'd, a bird Pokemon that hits you with a leek to attack.  It was much easier as a kid to suspend disbelief about the ridiculous nature of these monsters

Seel and Dewgong- Ice seal Pokemon

Drowzee and Hypno- Psychic Pokemon that put you to sleep and eat your dreams

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