Sunday, May 25, 2014

Slide on over!

Last week, Joe got a text from his old buddy and bandmate Joe saying that he and his brother Jon would be in Seattle in a couple of days.  How exciting!  We met up with the brothers and their friend Dustin in the city and found out that although Joe will be sticking around Kansas at least until he finishes med school, Jon just decided to up and move to Seattle to seek his fortune.  (My kind of guy! :)  Joe (my Joe) and I always joke about how eventually we'll import all of our friends from the Midwest.  This may just be the first step.

After dinner we took a little hike in Discovery Park in order to see the sunset over the sound.  We ended up taking a trail into the woods that ultimately made us miss most of the sunset, but the boys seemed impressed enough with the locale that they didn't mind too terribly much.

A lovely view, with or without the sunset
Head west, young Kansans
Two Joes and a Jon

We're very much looking forward to taking Jon with us to the mountains.  We were happy to learn that he and his friend found an apartment, so it's official.  Welcome to Seattle!

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