Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby oysters

I've been a pretty big stick in the mud since I've been back in Washington, mostly just relaxing and working on my Pokemon :)

Joe went ahead and bought himself an early Christmas present: a blue oyster mushroom growing kit from Fungi Perfecti.  They're a special variety that grow in cooler temperatures, so they're only sold during the fall and winter.  Joe just spritzes them with water 2-3 times a day, and nice big oyster mushrooms are supposed to pop out.

This is the set-up, with the bag of mycelium-inoculated sawdust inside a "humidity tent," aka a plastic bag.  I'm glad we finally found a use for that green lamp that you see in the photo; it's supposed to shine light onto a plant, but the primrose I placed under it quickly died.  Its perfect for holding up the humidity tent while keeping the bag out of the moat of past spritzing water underneath.

It's been about a week, but we already have little tiny mushrooms peeping out!

Three bunches in all!

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